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Danielle S.

I had heard about these candles from a friend. I ordered them on cyber Monday. And they came way faster then what I thought they would, just because it’s holiday times usually things take longer in the mail. But I got them within a week! The candles smell amazing and burn great as well! Will definitely be getting candles from them again!

Jessica V.

I simply cannot put into words how much I LOVE these incense sticks. The burn and scent is the cleanest out there. No burning eyes, no itchy throat, no complaints from the kids lol. What I love the most is how long the fragrance lingers in the air after they’re done. It’s just enough that when you walk back in the room you say to yourself, “Oh my, that is lovely!”. It’s a nice little pick me up and makes me feel so happy. I recommend these to everyone and not only will I absolutely be purchasing more but will be gifting these throughout the years.

Bree P.

I bought 3 candles and they all smell so strong and lovely. They're beautiful and so far they seem to last for hours being lit. And that's always something that frustrates me with candles these days- they don't last as long. But these I can leave lit for hours and they don't burn away as fast as store bought ones :)