Basics of Candle Scrying

What the heck is scrying?

Scrying is a divination practice that is used to foresee the future using a reflective object or surface. The most common scrying tools are crystal balls that help stimulate the third eye and aid to induce psychic visions (i.e. an amethyst crystal ball), there are many objects that you can use to scry. Mirrors, water, and candles also make excellent scrying tools. 


I've got my candle... now what?


First, let me start by saying that scrying doesn't mean gazing into a crystal or candle and seeing your entire future laid out for you. In order for scrying to work for you, you have to go into it with a clear mind and realistic expectations. Let's just be real for a minute- psychic visions aren't what television or movies make them out to be. Scrying, like any other form of divination, is just about focusing on the matter at hand and centering yourself in order for the universe to work its magic. Its about you finding the answers for yourself by tapping into your own intuition and letting it guide you in the right direction. So now that that's clear, you're ready to begin. To set the mood and clear any negative energy from your space, it's always a good idea to start with burning sage or Palo Santo. I also close my eyes and clutch a protective crystal while visualizing the negative energy leaving my body and my space. Think: black light exiting and white light entering. This is a good practice to help yourself get centered and aligned. You'll also feel rejuvenated as f*** after!


Music is always helpful!

But be sure to use music that is relaxing to you. This varies person-to-person and that's totally okay. Some witches chill out to gangster rap, some to head banging heavy metal. No judgement! Do what works for you. Another good suggestion is using the sounds of nature. Seeing as how water is an element of intuition- ocean waves, rain, and storm sounds all work great for this!


Light it up!

Yes, I'm referring to the candle! Light your candle of choice, any color will do. However, for this scenario I prefer lighter colors. White is a neutral color that works in every spell/ritual. Herbs are always a plus, as they tend to float around on the surface thus helping induce psychic visions. Our Premonitions candle works excellent for candle scrying. The scent of vanilla aids in mental stimulation and helps increase psychic powers. Lavender is great for all chakras, but especially for opening the third eye.



Okay, sorry, done with the self promotion talk! Now that you have your candle, light it and let a good size pool of wax form. Some scry directly from the candle flame, but I prefer gazing into a pool of liquid wax. Once a good amount of wax has melted, look into the wax with a specific question in mind (should I quit my job, should I get back with my ex- whatever is troubling you at the moment). Don't try too hard to look for an answer or it will not work. You must be relaxed at all times. Watch the way the herbs float around the top of the candle. Pay attention to how the flame's reflection dances across the surface. Breathe slowly and steadily. Also, be sure as to not let any outside distractions take your focus away from the candle.

In time, you should start to sway towards an answer. After all, I truly believe we are all magical beings and that WE hold the answers we desire. It's up to us to find them! Not only will you answer your own question, but you will feel at peace with it. If you don't feel 100% ready to tackle the problem at hand, your work is not complete. You should leave every scrying session relaxed, pleasant, and confident with your result. If you don't, no worries. Scrying takes practice. You must be comfortable in your craft to excel in it. Take a step back, assess the situation, and try again. Or wait to do it again. Sometimes, the Universe has odd ways of telling us we are not ready. Maybe something else needs to happen to help make that vision come forth. Not sure if you should quit your job? Maybe you'll go to work the next day and get offered a new opportunity.

Magic is a funny thing, after all. However, just being more aware of it will help you understand how to evaluate your life and live to your fullest potential. And that's the whole point, right?



  • Samelove5150( Christina Hendrickson

    Happy magical Monday …
    I have always know I was different from everyone when it comes to spirituality and knowing I saw things other couldn’t but couldn’t explain it .. I have rcently embraced my magic and learning how it work for me and how to control it … This was very helpful to an old witch just learning

  • Kelly Battaglia

    I really enjoyed this, and look forward to reading more of your blogs! Yes, we have the answers within ourselves. Ive never used scrying, I feel more connected and at ease with other methods, perhaps because I’m a water sign and born under a new moon?!!?

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