Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are the candles vegan-friendly?

Answer: Most of our candles are vegan. Both the natural soy wax and the fragrance oils used are vegan, however the dye is not. The Moody Candle Company has recently gone dye-free, however some seasonal candles and customs have dyes in them. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Q: How long until I receive my order?

Answer: Expect to have your orders processed within 7-10 business days. All candles are shipped using USPS Priority or UPS Ground, which is typically 2-3 business days. We try our best to be prompt in getting orders out. However, certain factors such as weather, holidays, etc. may affect shipping estimates.


Q: How do I place a wholesale order?

Answer: We are on Faire! There are many incentives to joining Faire’s platform such as zip code protection, free freight on your first order, & more! View our “Wholesale” tab to learn more or email


Q: Are the herbs safe to burn?

A: Candle safety is important! As always you should follow directions according to the warning label. Always burn your candle within sight. The herbs are typically safe, as they float away from wicks atop the melted wax; however you should always use caution. Large herbs, leaves, or flower buds can be removed before burning.


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