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PRE ORDER - Darker Half Bundle

PRE ORDER - Darker Half Bundle

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Get the entire Darker Half Collection bundled to just $95 ($15 off!)


This collection is based on the spooky history of Samhain in Wales. 💀

“Thinning Of The Veil” - a candle representing the night of Hallow’s Eve, when the veil separating the human world from the spirit world is at its thinnest. At this time, it was recommended for people to avoid churchyards, cemeteries, and railroads where spirits lingered.
This candle is scented in blueberry pumpkin patch.
“Spirit Night” - the night of Halloween, when villagers would light bonfires and jump through the flames for luck & protection.
This candle is scented with notes of molasses, cinnamon, & nutmeg.
“Headless Wraith” - the apparition of a headless woman dressed in all white, accompanied by a demonic tail-less black sow who roamed & haunted all Wales at nightfall.
This candle is scented with notes of chrysanthemums, apple, pecan, & cider.
“The Haunting” - “hags” or witches dressed in old cloth would wander door to door, chanting verses, & collecting tidings of apples, nuts, & ale in exchange for divination services.
This candle is scented in cranberry apple marmalade.
“Season Of The Witch” - a celebration of the history of magic and the coming together of humans & spirits, when magical workings are at their strongest.
This candle is scented in sweet caramel popcorn.